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Dr. Vasilev In The News

Dr. Vasilev video presentation on 21st Century Integrative Oncology

Dr. Vasilev addresses the annual Chautaqua meeting 2016, covering molecular age of integrative holistic medicine and cancer fighting nutrition.

Dr. Vasilev in MedicalNewsToday.com

Dr. Vasilev discusses recently published study about “Fasting-mimicking diets: Could they help treat cancer?

Endometriosis: 12 Things No One Tells You

Dr. Vasilev comments on robotic minimally invasive excisional surgery for Reader’s Digest.

Endometriosis Bloating & GastroIntestinal Symptoms | Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Dr. Vasilev discusses bloating, endometriosis and ovarian cancer connection for Medium.com.

Symptoms Never to Ignore: Bloating

Dr. Vasilev addresses the connection of bloating and ovarian cancer and link to endometriosis, for BestLifeOnline.com.

Signs of Poor Health Over 40

Dr. Vasilev warns about persistent bloating symptoms which may be diet but may also be endometriosis or even ovarian cancer, for BestLifeOnline.com.

5 Important Things About Cervical Cancer

Dr. Vasilev notes some important tips about cervical cancer and how to protect your self from it, for Glamour Mag.

How Your Period Changes After Chemo

Dr. Vasilev discusses how menstrual cycles change during and after chemotherapy for SheKnows.com

50 Important Symptoms Not To Ignore

Dr. Vasilev contributes to the list of 50 health symptoms you should never ignore, like persistent pelvic pain or pressure, for MSN.com

Ovarian Cancer Screening Isn’t as Simple as Getting an Ultrasound

Dr. Vasilev comments on what’s right and wrong about ovarian cancer screening for Reader’s Digest.

Everything You Need to Know About HPV & the Vaccine

Dr. Vasilev comments on HPV, cervical cancer and vaccination effectivness for SheKnows.com.

Why Human Papillomavirus Is Hard To Avoid

Dr. Vasilev comments on why the very common sexually transmitted HPV or Human Papillomavirus is hard to avoid for Healthyways.com

11 Health Concerns Women Typically Ignore, But Shouldn’t

Dr. Vasilev comments on subtle ovarian cancer symptoms that should not be ignored for Bustle.com

5 Signs Your Bloating Isn’t Normal

Dr. Vasilev comments on bloating as a symptom for ovarian cancer which should be evaluated for Prevention magazine.

11 Subtle Signs Of Ovarian Cancer & When You Should See A Doctor

Dr. Vasilev comments on cures especially being possible for ovarian cancer when you listen to your body and early diagnosis is made for Bustle.com

EGFL6 Contributes to Ovarian Cancer Proliferation & Metastases

Dr. Vasilev comments on this exciting research advance regarding blocking the growth of ovarian cancer stem cells for Oncology Times.

14 Things Ob-Gyns Desperately Wish You Knew About Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Vasilev comments on how 90 percent of ovarian cancer cases are preventable thorugh lifestyle choices for Readers Digest and MSN.com

The Women Most at Risk of Cervical Cancer… And why the HPV vaccine could literally be a lifesaver

Dr. Vasilev comments on how HPV vaccination can be a lifesaver by preventing 99% of cervical cancer for Lifezette.com

Nutella Doesn’t Actually Cause Cancer, So No Need To Freak Out

Dr. Vasilev dispels myths about palm oil and Nutella causing cancer for SELF magazine.

Cervical Cancer Screening In The U.s. More Harmful Than In The Netherlands

Dr. Vasilev discusses the pros and cons of screening and what to do with the result to reduce the chances of cervical cancer for REUTERS (example pub on the Jl of Clinical Pathways)

An Integrative Gynecological Oncologist’s Perspective On How To Reduce Your Risk Of Dying From Endometrial Cancer

Dr. Vasilev discusses lifestyle choices and how you can reduce the risk of getting and dying from endometrial cancer for Huffington Post.

Gwen Ifill Died Of Endometrial Cancer—Here’s What You Need To Know

Dr. Vasilev comments on Gwen Ifill’s unfortunate death from endometrial cancer and what you can do to prevent this from happening to you for SELF magazine.

Vaginally Delivered Hormones Ease Urogenital Symptoms from Aromatase Inhibitors

Dr. Vasilev comments on use of vaginal estrogens for vaginal atrophy and sexual dysfunction due to aromatase inhibitor treatment in women with early-stage breast cancer, for REUTERS wire.

HPV Vaccination: More Effective Than Thought… While Some Parents Still Hold Back On The Shots, Evidence Shows They Work Very Well

Dr. Vasilev comments on how cervical cancer vaccines are working far better than anticipated and what else you can do to prevent cervical cancer, for Lifezette magazine.

One Less HPV Shot For Teens… Vaccine Series Works So Well That Some Children Only Need Two Visits Now, Not Three

Dr. Vasilev comments on how fewer shots are needed for an already very effective HPV cervical cancer vaccine program, for Lifezette magazine.

11 Health Warning Signs Women Should Never Ignore, Even If Everything Else Seems Fine

Dr. Vasilev comments on pelvic pain among other symptoms not to ignore in order to avoid disease and prevent cancer, for Bustle Magazine.

Ovarian Cancer Death Rates Have Dropped In The U.S.: Here’s Why

Dr. Vasilev comments on how treatment improvements have reduced deaths from ovarian cancer, but also comments on prevention tips, for SELF Magazine.

10 Common Myths About Ovarian Cancer You Need to Ignore

Dr. Vasilev dispels multiple myths about ovarian cancer and important tips on prevention and early diagnosis in order to improve your chances of beating ovarian cancer, for Readers Digest.