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Patient Testimonials

In the end, what people say reflects the age-old saying “the proof is in the pudding”. We walk the talk and help people emerge from the other end as quickly as possible, with personal support. 

“Dr. Vasilev is a very caring doctor and that is really important. The whole team is focused on a caring attitude”

Patricia B.

Santa Monica, CA

“Heartfelt gratitude to my magnificent surgeon, Dr. Vasilev, to Lisa and to the entire team.”

Sandra C.

Santa Monica, CA

“Dr Vasilev and his team were absolutely amazing. The robotic surgery was fantastic. ”

Marion W.

Los Angeles, CA

Call: 424-255-1340

More Testimonials About Dr Steven Vasilev MD

Finally, a small sample of what more people are saying about Dr Steve Vasilev:

" Quite literally this man saved my life many times over. Through thick and thin he never gave up on me, including expertly performed difficult surgeries to get through my multiply recurrent ovarian cancer over the last 15 years. L.B. (NB Addendum by Dr Vasilev: Unfortunately cancer ultimately claimed her life after 18 years of battling with it. She enjoyed life to the fullest and was one of the most upbeat people I have ever known. She helped many overcome fears of treatment and the disease and was simply a fantastic person. It was an honor to know her and to be her doctor. May she rest in peace.) "

" Dr. V was the only physician with a different approach to my diagnosis in the beginning, and I trusted him. Thank you for your constant guidance over the past 7 years. You have supported me with difficult chemo choices (going off Kaiser protocol for Avastin ’08) and choosing ‘outside the box’ therapies. You have performed difficult surgeries and continue to support me in pursuing additional therapies needed to keep me going on this journey. And my family….we are constantly reassured to have you by our side. E D "

" Dr Vasilev’s superior skill is matched by his willingness to spend as long as it takes to explain things, his compassion and great bedside manner. He skillfully carried out very complicated surgery when required and steered me away from it when it was not. The end result is that I’m alive 16 years later, including the ovarian cancer recurrence scare about 10 years ago. Over the past 15 years he has also introduced integrative natural health guidance into his practice which has made the overall treatment package that he can deliver better than anyone else out there. It has been a blessing and a great privilege to have Dr. Vasilev as my Doctor. Without him, I wouldn’t be here to write this. E.S. S "

" Dr. Vasilev is the kind of doctor you can trust with your life. In September 2006 I was told I had a very aggressive form of ovarian cancer and six months to live. My husband and I were overwhelmed, confused, terrified, and seeking a cure for my ovarian cancer. Then we met Dr. Vasilev, and we have never looked back. Doctor Vasilev immediately put our minds at rest, he gave us a direction, introduced us to all our options and guided us through the decision making process making himself available through office visits, emails, and phone calls to answer all our questions. Doctor Vasilev has seen us through six recurrences in eight years. Each time he has been innovative in his way of thinking, and applies his arsenal of knowledge in developing his treatment plans. He integrates western and alternative medicine using the best of both to ensure that his patients handle their diagnosis with the best possible care and whenever possible, that they recover healthier, wiser, and better informed than before their diagnosis. I wish that every cancer patient could have a Dr. Vasilev in their corner. M P "